Thanks for dropping on to our website. Here at LNL Ltd we have been supplying IT to businesses and organisations for over 20 years. You can find out about our unique scheme that provides scan print and copy facilities in a flexible, reliable way for how your organisation works today.
Initially made available for schools and colleges. Now the ‘LNL SPC Scheme’ is now available to all established businesses who want to say good bye to the copier salesman, big boxes on expensive lease agreements and take control of their workflow.
You also get access to pricing you won’t find anywhere else!

How our LNL Scan Print Copy (SPC) Scheme evolved

20 years ago we noticed many of our school and college customers were struggling with old unreliable printers that were expensive to run but had no capital funds to replace them. We simply provided modern reliable equipment to use free of charge for those who bought supplies from us.

As the ‘LNL Printers For Schools’ scheme grew we gained even more support from leading manufacturers and were able to provide top of the range equipment as well as pass on saving to our customers that were only available through the strength of the scheme.

When print requirements reduced more work was done through smaller numbers of large central multifunction devices but today the need to work in bubbles and more distributed environments has changed the way we work for good.

Now our scheme offers a mix of fast reliable multifunctions and printers with full manufacturer support and warranty along with pricing that is flexible for both low and high use locations. The LNL SPC Scheme

LNL SPC more relevant than ever.

The way we work is changing quickly. We now print less, copy less, and scan more. Its less about the hardware and more about having the facilities people need when and where they are needed. They also need to be reliable and easy to use. It can often cost organisations more to manage Scan, Copy, Print facilities than to actually provide them!

LNL SPC provides workgroup sized devices that are fast and reliable. These provide facilities where needed and have a range of charging options that work for high and lower use situations. With support for mobile devices including Apple and android and a wide range of built in apps available for emailing scan to folder follow-me printing and many more. LNL SPC helps you get the job done quickly reliably and with less hassle however your organisation works today.

It cuts costs and just makes life easier

No finance agreement ultra low cost annual charges. Guaranteed best pricing on supplies plus big discounts on running costs.

No annual price increases, surcharges for coverage and no one sitting in your office with a new agreement saying ‘if you upgrade early you can have this and that for just a little bit more’.

With LNL SPC you can have as many devices as you need to work effectively and, subject to the low annual charge, if you don’t print you don’t pay any more. Fully supported by a leading manufacturer with tech support and warranty and the reassurance of dealing with LNL Ltd a company who have been doing this for over 20 years!

Who can make use of LNL SPC?

Any established business or organisation of any size from 3 to 3000+ users who need to scan, print, copy or all three. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.