Though the LNL SPC scheme We work with businesses and organisations of all sizes to supply modern, high performance printers and multifunction devices and related supplies. These are high quality, leading edge devices and are covered by maintenance and support from both the manufacturer and ourselves. Through LNL SPC you benefit from pricing that is not available to most organisations.

This is an operating agreement so no finance agreement or permissions needed. You also get the benefit of very low annual charges and the best pricing available on the supplies, GUARANTEED. In fact we go much further. As LNL SPC users you get extra discount on the supplies which for many users will be save you more than the cost of the equipment.

You get the advantage of fast, reliable equipment with no maintenance or support worries. You have a flexible solution which can adapt to your needs and apart from the small annual charge you have no further commitment. If you need to you can add extra apps to improve convenience and productivity. Our devices have full capability for desktop, mobile or smart devices (including Apple and Android).

With LNL SPC you get no hidden charges, no catches and have the reassurance of dealing with a company that has been doing this for 20 years!

This ‘new’ SPC scheme is different to the earlier ones so whether you have heard about us before or if you are new to us please try the dropdown links below for more information or give us a call.

How does it work?

The LNL SPC scheme is designed to be simple and flexible. To start with work out how many of our devices you would like. You may already know but we can help by using our experience of existing customers and by discussing with you and any IT advisor you may have. Please remember we can always add extra devices to the agreement later if you need them.

Next we will send you a simple proposal and schedule setting out any charges and requirements for you to consider. Should you wish to proceed we will just need confirmation of this and a purchase order for the first year annual charges and any ‘starter’ consumables in the devices. If you want to order any extra supplies at that time you can simply add those to the purchase order.

When we receive this we will contact you to arrange the delivery of the devices at a convenient time. When the devices arrive installation is quite straight forward for you or your IT support to do however if there are any problems either the manufacturer’s helpline or our own staff can help remotely get any issues resolved. We don’t include installation as standard but have a great deal of experience with many unusual situations.

From then on you just start using the equipment. If you have any issues needing warranty or technical support you contact either Lexmark support or us at LNL for help.

Whenever you need to order supplies just place an order using your account. Please remember on the scheme you have access to many items at a lower discounted pricing but these are only for use in devices on the scheme. Also remember that if you buy a full set of toners for any device at the beginning of any scheme year you get much higher discount on that order and any other order for that device for the rest of that year period.

You can always check pricing with other suppliers and we guarantee to match their best pricing just so long as that is for manufacturer original items and they have them available.

At the end of the agreement your either send the devices back to us at your expense or we can arrange for Lexmark to collect them and recycle them. Lexmark also offer a collection scheme for used supplies. As a company Lexmark have one of the highest commitments to recycling in the IT business.

If you need any further details or just want to request further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Full details of pricing and agreement terms are available upon request but we only make these available to bona fide enquiries.


Currently available devices are the Lexmark CX522ADE multifunction device and the CS725DE printer. The CX522ADE is a great robust all-round workgroup MFD. With fast processing a reliable sheet feeder & flatbed scanner the ability to copy and scan to email, document archive or email direct to recipients it matches much larger devices. It can also copy and print to the CS725DE printer for even more economical output of large runs.

The CS725DE is a blisteringly fast colour workgroup printer with super high capacity consumables for outstanding cost per copy savings. Both devices have toner save modes for even greater economy. Both devices are network connected and support walk up printing plus other productivity apps. When internet connectivity is present they can be remotely monitored and managed. More details in the table below

So what’s the cost?

Annual Rental. The agreement lasts for three years. There is a small annual payment for each device for the three years of the agreement, currently £10.00 for the CS725de printer and £180 for the CX522ade. Please note this is an annual charge NOT a quarterly charge as most finance/copier deals. Also please note we do not charge annual increases, documentation fees, or delivery fees.

When you need toners and other supplies you agree to buy them from ourselves but under a price match guarantee so you are always sure to get the best pricing. In fact as a SPC scheme user you get access to further discounted prices for use in SPC devices. This is 5% DISCOUNT for the CX522ade and 15% Discount for the CS725de. Please note. When the devices are first supplied they include a ‘starter set’ of toners. These are charged pro-rata to the price of the high capacity normal toners.

If you think you will be a higher volume user and you can purchase a set of high capacity toners at the time of each annual rental you will get higher level discount on that set and for any other toner purchase for that device for the rest of that year period. That’s 15% DISCOUNT for the CX522ade and 30% Discount for the CS725DE.Remember these are all manufacturer original products. NO refills or dodgy compatibles and are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Please see our prices below. We challenge you to just check out our special prices for SPC scheme users with any other supplier and you always have the reassurance of our best price guarantee.

For full details of the current pricing please contact us or register for an account. Because the highly discounted pricing is only available to scheme users we only make it available ‘in writing’ to genuine, verified enquiries like yours.

Service Warranty Support

During the agreement all devices are covered by Lexmark warranty service and support. We can also provide additional support to quickly help manage any issues or some of the more unusual items that arrive with remote logon capability. With 20 years experience of working with schools colleges estate agents manufacturing businesses graphic designers and defence contractors we have encountered most of the even unusual scenarios. We often work with customers It support andare happy to do so.

If you have any issues needing warranty or technical support you contact either Lexmark support or us at LNL for help. We don’t include support for using any applications or other hardware for example if it is an issue with how to use InDesign or how to set up your antivirus software but we do help to set your printer up to work with software and also your other suppliers.

Please also note that Lexmark offers one of the best warranty cover of supplies items of any manufacturer

Any other questions?

We will post replies to further queries about how the scheme works here

Need to talk this through with someone?

Thanks for taking the time to look at our scheme. By now you may have a few other queries or just need further information. You can always contact us by email. through the online form or by telephone. If you would prefer we can also arrange a MS teams video call so you can do face to face. We would love to hear from you.